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Neighborhood Revitalization Program

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This program provides a property tax rebate to property owners who improve their residential or commercial property.  In order to be eligible for this program the following conditions must be met:

  • Rehabilitation, alterations, and additions to any existing structure.
  • Construction of a new structure; residential or commercial.
  • Eligible property must be within the corporate City Limits of Onaga, Kansas.

Questions and Answers:

1. What is a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan?

Answer:  During the 1994 legislative session, lawmakers passed Senate Bill 732, which provides tax rebates for new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures.  

2. What is a tax rebate?

Answer:  It is a refund of the property taxes which would otherwise be payable on the actual value added to a property due to the additional taxes resulting from the increase in assessed value of the property due to the improvement.  Under the Revitalization Plan, the taxes relating to the assessed value on the property prior to the improvement may not be reduced and will continue to be payable.

3. What is a qualified improvement?

Answer:  Qualified improvements to a structure include new construction, rehabilitation and additions.

4. What kind of improvements will increase the assessed value?

Answer:  New Construction, additions and major rehabilitations will increase the assessed value.  Repairs generally will not increase the assessed value unless there are several major repairs completed at the same time.

5. How long does the tax rebate run under the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan?

Answer:  The plan will remain in effect until December 31, 2016.  A property owner may apply for tax rebate any time during the program.  The length of the tax rebate will be for ten (10) years.

6. Can property taxes be eliminated using the tax rebate?

Answer:  There will always be some taxes on property.  Under the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, the existing assessed value of the property and the resulting taxes prior to the improvements will continue.

7.  Will a used Mobile Home be allowed on the rebate program?

Answer:  A used mobile home or manufactured home moved to a new location would NOT be allowed on the rebate program.

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