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Onaga Baseball and Softball Association 

The Onaga Baseball and Softball Association are in the Big 6 League; which encompasses Onaga, Wamego, Alma, St. George, and Westmoreland.




                                  Ramon Fisher             Onaga                    (785) 844-0008

                                  Eric Scott                   St. George               (785) 587-7781

                                  Kristin Jones              Wamego                 (785) 456-5147

                                  Scott Plummer          Westmoreland        (785) 477-6127

                                  Katie Geiger             Blue Valley               (785) 770-7247


"The spirit of this league is for recreational and instructional purposes.  All children will have an opportunity to participate and represent their home town.  Teams are to be selected with the intent of making our league as balanced as possible"


 NEK Softball Schedules 2017.xlsx High School Girls

Big 6 Rules 2017.pdf


7-8 B Schedule 2017.pdf

7-8 G Schedule 2017.pdf

9-10 B Schedule 2017.pdf

9-10 G Schedule 2017.pdf

11-12 B Schedule 2017.pdf

11-13 G Schedule 2017.pdf

13-14 B Schedule 2017.pdf

NEK Softball Schedules 2017.xlsx

​​2017 Baseball Schedules

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Manager: Ramon Fisher

Association Fees:

Baseball/Softball $25.00 per season

T-Ball $15.00 per season.


Baseball Association Downloadable Forms​

2017 Registration Form.pdf

Baseball PERMISSION TO TREAT- 2017.pdf