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Court Clerk


Duties and Responsibilities of the Court Clerk


  • Prepare dockets for cases to be called.

  • ​Record case dispositions, court orders, and arrangements for payment of court fees.

  • Answer inquiries from the general public regarding judicial procedures, court appearances, trial dates, adjournments, outstanding warrants, summonses, subpoenas, and payment of fines.

  • Prepare and issue orders of the court, including probation orders, release documentation, sentencing information, and summonses.

  • Prepare documents recording the outcomes of court proceedings.

  • Schedule court appearances.

  • Search files, and contact witnesses, attorneys, and litigants, in order to obtain information for the court.

  • Collect court fees or fines, and record amounts collected.

  • Prepare and mark all applicable court exhibits and evidence.


​​​Onaga Court Clerk:  Merri Taylor

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